Womens Focus Group Online

Accountability group for Ventre women to be able to meet monthly to focus on our businesses. We have the option to meet online and/or in person via Zoom. In person meeting place TBD.

Purpose: The purpose a Focus Group is to help with goal setting, accountability and masterminds. The groups consist of up to 5 VENTRE members with one of the individuals being the groups lead.
Meeting Structure: The groups will meet once each month on the same date, time and place to minimize confusion. The meetings will typically last 2 hours, but may adjust according to need. Each member should have ample time to present their goals and/or challenges to the group and receive feedback.

Be Present: By present, we mean physically and mentally. The group depends on your presence. Being engaged is imperative.

Be Honest: Open and honest dialogue allows the team to help you.

Confidentiality: As a member of this group, you may be privy to sensitive information. The information shared in this group must be kept in the strictest confidence, unless permission is granted otherwise by the person who shared the information. Violations may result in termination from the group.

Action Items/Accountability: The meeting lead will either appoint someone or keep track for themselves, the goals set by each member for accountability purposes.

Finding a Group: Open groups are identified by an open member slot on the groups page. To join an open group, contact the lead of the group. Their contact information can be found on the groups page. Permission to join a group may be granted by the lead or by existing group members vote. Some groups may require a visit before accepting you as a member.

Discrimination: No unlawful discrimination is permitted in any group. Any incidents should be reported immediately to the VENTRE president or assigns. That said, groups may be selective based on personality to maintain harmony within the group. In this setting, harmony is of utmost importance. A member may leave a group voluntarily or involuntarily if said member causes conflict or discord within the group.

We wish you much success in your business journey and believe that a focus group will help you along the way.

  • Lead Name:
    Barbara MacFerrin
  • Member1:
    Marcella Nevermann
  • Member2:
    Emily Moore
  • Member3:
    June Dani Luca
  • Member4:
  • Date:
    Last Monday of every month
  • Time:
  • Phone:
    (720) 209-4432
  • Email:
  • Address:

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