Why Leaders Cry in Secret

Ever have those moments when you feel like caving in, but you’re the leader so you have to keep your sh*t together. You want to cry, but experience has taught you that life offers no mercy for tears, so you reach down deep and draw strength from whatever source(s) you have available. 


My sister-in-law would say, fake-til-you-shake-it! The point is, when the leader shows weakness or what is culturally perceived as weakness, it has a tendency to permeate throughout. If you lose focus on the mission, you can expect that those following will do the same. If you are feeling weak, find a safe place to deal with it.

It may be through your beliefs, music, listening to motivational speakers, consulting a trusted mentor or simply remembering your purpose, but find a way to keep it together. You my friend are a champion. Keep pushing for that which is good. Know that any given day can be as satisfying as the previous one has been disappointing. 

Chin up, chest out! You’ve got this!!!

Eric L. Lipsey