GALT, Where Small Businesses Unite & Ignite

Our Mission: To create a collaborative effort among small business owners. We believe that there is strength in numbers. While we may not have access to capital nor the ability to dominate with an online presence, we have the advantage of each other, a resource that is rarely tapped. We believe that the GALT app can help to bring about a unified effort and create a win/win for all small business owners.

The Strategy: Instead of creating your own app, our app offers the ability to be part of a collective effort. Each business can benefit from each other’s customers. Because we’re all on the same app, we all have access to more potential customers. Now imagine 10,000 businesses being on the same app. Collectively, we’d have access to an infinite number of potential customers.

Businesses that join GALT have more than just access to a directory listing…


  1. New customers/clients
  2. Access to a much larger audience
  3. New customers can easily find you
  4. Faster inventory turn around
  5. Our app covers B2B and B2C
  6. Obtain and maintain customer loyalty


1. Our search features allow users to search by business name, keyword, city, zip code and mile radius.
2. The app offers direct links to your website.
3. The app allows for direct links to any coupons your business is offering via Perks.
4. The app offers direct links to your business reviews.
5. Customers can call your business through the app.
6. Customers can use GPS from the app to get to your address.
7. Our share button allows raving fans to easily share your business information with others.
8. We offer a barcode for check out for businesses that want to offer a discount. The barcode can easily be integrated with your POS system for tracking purposes. (optional)

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Download the app and activate your membership today and your business will instantly appear on our loyalty app. App holders within a 25-mile radius of your location(s) will be immediately notified of your participation.

Link to download for Android…

Link to download for iOS…

If you have any questions, please see our contact information below:

VENTRE Customer Support